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How to Report Your Volunteer Service

1. Type the following URL into your Internet browser:

2. Click on Get Involved! on the right side of the page

3. Under Get Involved, scroll down the page until you reach Volunteer Opportunities. Click on Volunteering at Virginia State Parks

4. Under Volunteerism Opportunities, click on Volunteer Member Login, near the top

5. Enter your username and password

6. Under the Volunteer Menu on the right, click on Report My Service/Fill out a Survey

7. Click on the arrow in the Select a Survey box

8. Choose Friends (MN): Log Book Entry (UPDATED)

9. Choose the dates from the calendars provided or type the dates in.  Enter the times spent along with AM or PM. Answer the questions--How many hours did you serve?  How many miles did you travel for your volunteer service? What project did you work on?

10. Click OK when done
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