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Mason Neck State Park identifies four trails as accessible or partially accessible. Click on the links below to see photos and information about the accessibility of each trail.  

Dogue Trail (green blaze, accessible)

Audio Description: Dogue Trail.m4a

High Point Multi-Use Trail (no blaze, accessible)

Audio Description: High Point Road Multi-use Trail.m4a

Marsh View Trail (maroon blaze, accessible)

Audio Description: Marsh View Trail.m4a

Osprey View Trail (formerly Beach Trail; green blaze, partially accessible)

Audio Description: Osprey View Trail.m4a

More information on trail accessibility in the park and throughout the country is available from Birdability, a non-profit organization that works to ensure the birding community that the outdoors are welcoming, inclusive, safe and accessible for everybody. Birdability has partnered with the National Audubon Society to create a crowd-sourced map that describes in detail the accessibility features of birding locations throughout the United States. While the map was created with birdwatching in mind, the information about trails shown on the map is useful to anyone who has an interest in the accessibility of trails.  You can get information on trails all over the United States, here.

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