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2023 Friends of Mason Neck State Park

"Picture the Magic" Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize – Charles Schmidt – “Red Fox Crossing Frozen Marsh”

Caption:  “This is a photograph of Red Fox that was crossing the frozen marsh in December 2022.  I chose this photograph because it is unusual to find the marsh frozen solid enough that a fox could cross. I also love the contrast between the red of the fox’s fur and the blueish tint of the frozen landscape. It also shows that beautiful animals can be seen year-round at the Park.”

First Place – Young – Poppy Lister – “Flutter Flower”

Caption: “I liked this photo because there’s a purple flower and purple is my favorite color.   Also, there are butterflies on it and butterflies are my favorite insect! It reminded me of the beautiful flower gardens we went to in Columbia (MD).

First Place – Adult – Ange Camp – “Mouthful”

Caption:  “I could not believe it when I glanced by the water on the beach area of Mason Neck and saw this water snake with his catch.  I chose this photo as I believe it shows beauty while also showing the circle of life.”  Note:  Ange also won First Place in last year’s contest.

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